Developmental Disorders

Developmental Disorders In Plano, TX

Find out more about developmental monitoring and screenings and how they can benefit your child’s growth.

Developmental screenings are incredibly helpful for our Plano, TX pediatricians because they provide us with better insight into your child’s growth and development. It allows us to evaluate whether or not your child is developing important skills, including language acquisition, cognitive function, motor development, and social skills. Here’s what you should know about the developmental screenings our Plano , TX team at Plano Psychiatric offers.

Why are developmental screenings important?

The CDC reports that around one in six children in the US has one or more developmental disorders or delays. With the prevalence of developmental delays, it’s important to emphasize developmental screenings for early detection and more immediate interventions, which provide the best outcomes for children. When interventions are provided to children before they enter kindergarten, this often helps set children up for success in school and at home.

Parents are with their children day in and day out, which means that they play an active role in developmental screenings. A parent observes their child's behaviors and can provide valuable insight that can help us play to their children’s strengths while also knowing where there are areas for improvement. We can also determine whether your child may require additional assessments.

What do developmental screenings detect?

Developmental screenings can be used to detect,

  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Haring problems and vision issues
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

What should I expect?

Most children are screened during their well-child checkups at nine months, 18 months, and 30 months. Kids should also be screened for autism at 18 and 24 months, reports the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

When your child comes into our office, we will evaluate several aspects of their development, including cognition, motor skills, language and speech, social, emotional, and vision and hearing. We will also talk with the parents to gain insight into their child’s behaviors, habits, and lifestyle. Our Plano , TX pediatricians can use several screening tools to detect developmental delays in a child or teen. One of the most commonly used screening tools, especially for children under six years old, is the Denver Developmental Screening Test. Once we perform these tests, we will discuss these findings with the parent and the next steps.

TRI-Valley Pediatrics and the Plano , TX team provide developmental screenings to evaluate and ensure that your child reaches developmental milestones throughout the ages. To learn more or schedule a developmental screening, call us at (972) 381-4237.

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